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Salvation Here Today Gone Tomorrow?

Whatever the title, our main focus is this, after one has salvation in Jesus Christ can that believer become eternally lost again? If so, what are the causes? What is the sin or sins that would place one there? Our adversary has attempted to divert me from this study for many years. He hated salvation from the very beginning, and still does. Salvation is very, very, important. In fact it's why we're Christians!

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Baptism Can Water Save Us?

One of the problems in understanding this doctrine, and many others, is people fail to follow correct exegesis when interpreting passages. Moreover, many hold to what they have been taught by some particular school of thought or training. Although, they say they don't, this then places preconceived ideas into the exegetical process, and thus error is conceived by placing man's understanding above God's.

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Church or church: A Closer Look at House Church

In the early days the Church did meet in various places, but the house was the primary place for many reasons. The base of the early Church was the home. In each country, in each state, and in each city that Christians gathered was the local Church not some building down the road or a denomination.

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Heaven and Hell

Is there really a place such as hell? Is there really a place, regardless of its name, where individuals that reject the grace and good mercy of God spend eternity in suffering and torment? Is there really a place called heaven? Where the righteous behold the face of God and commune with Him forever?

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The Tribulation

I need to state from the beginning, that this doctrine involves more controversy than any other doctrine. It seems that the "end times madness" and "prophetic nightmare" we find ourselves amid draws people to be more and more interested in knowing about the end, and if Christians will be "raptured out," or have to stay?

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The Millenium: True or False?

the term millennium is. It's commonly referred to as the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ on the earth. I want to emphasize the words on the earth, for Jesus Christ already reigns, He always has, does, and always will. What is meant by the millennium is this--a thousand year reign, by Christ Himself with a visible throne on the earth apart and distinct from His heavenly reign at present.

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Christmas is UnBiblical

We have been told, and believed for hundreds of years, that "Christmas" is a holiday celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s true that the second person of the Godhead took on a human form, and was born-- "…became flesh and dwelt among us." However, the second person of the Godhead did not begin His existence at that point, for He existed before the foundations of the world, Amen, even from eternity.

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Easter Celebration or Pagan?

We have been told, and believed for hundreds of years, that "Easter" is a holiday celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Is it wrong to celebrate the resurrection, and call it Easter, during this time? Yes. Is it good to celebrate the resurrection? Yes.

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Real Marriage

A “Christian marriage” is when a marriage union takes place between a man and a woman who are Bible believing Christians and who truly want to serve the Lord together. A Christian marriage is one that should be entered into for the glory of God.

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Priests, Prophets, and Pastors

In the New Testament the word priest occurs in 74 verses. In Greek it uses two variations of the same word one is hiereus—one who offers sacrifice and has the charge of things pertaining there to. This is of course now completed in Jesus Christ. The other word is archiereus—the high priests of the Levitical order frequently called "chief priests" from arch meaning high. There are of course no more priests of this kind. It's all Jesus now.

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